Just The FAQs

Are you For Real?

Here are the simple Facts involved with Jetpack

Q: Are you just a Passport Bro created company?

A: Not at all Jetpack has been in business for 10 years as a partner to Lion Travels in Asia. We have specialized in travel packages and relocation services for foreign nationals and ex-pats for years

Q: Is this some sick type of Sex Tourism?

A: We do not specialize in or even entertain sex tourism, trafficking, or solicitation. Jetpack is dead set on providing the best service possible for aiding in travel, relocation, road trips, and international dating

Q: Why are your fees so high?

A: The fees charged do not go directly to us, in fact, you can think of the fees as a nest egg for the success of your account. We take the money you give us and use almost 90% of it to fulfill your requirements, traveling, relocation, research, and services.

Q: Do you guarantee this will work?

A: With our dating services and with dating in general there is no 100% but we guarantee you will get our full attention and efforts towards your success and happiness. We do a lot of research and make sure we find exactly what you are looking for!

Q: How exactly does your dating service work?

A:Depending on the tier you chose our service begins with education first as we have noticed a 350% increase in success rate when the client is well educated and prepared for what is needed in whatever country they decide to go for. Once education is finished our clients are given consultation services to explore their exact needs and wants. Those needs and wants are then used to find exactly what they want and deliver it to them.

Q: Why Can't I find anything about you prior to February 23?

A: Simple, we just started this company, as stated before we worked with Lion Travels for years and have noticed a market forming. With any business the beginning starts with noticing a trend and a need, we have simply done that. If there are any questions you can look up our partner in the United States a company that is documented and registered in Delaware.

Q: How Do I contact you?

A: Simply send all requests and questions to requests@jetpak.fun or use the contact form below for any questions!

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