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with you every step of the way


Ease into your new journey, with the Cadet package we give you the tools you need to start your adventure in finding love, respect, and mutual cooperation towards your goals

  • Cultural Lessons

  • Language lessons

  • Consultation sessions for future matchmaking

  • 3 matches found from your detailed consultation

  • 1 revision with 2 new matches

*Please contact us for actual fees scheduling


The way to go if you are serious about finding the one. With The Explorer package, we help you initiate contact, prepare yourself for any eventuality, help you create the vibe, and set you up for instant success!

  • Language LessonsCultural LessonsCultural Sensitivity course

  • Weekly consultation5 matches based on your consultation descriptions

  • 1 revision with 3 new matches

  • weekly date setups

  • flight and lodging preparations

  • date setup abroad

  • visa and passport services

  • visa and passport consultation

*Please contact us for actual fees scheduling

astronaut standing on gray sand
astronaut standing on gray sand


The big one, with this package the move abroad or back home is handled by our expert team, whether you are using our services to relocate to one of the offered destinations or bringing back the love you have found we are ready to aid you each step of the way.

  • Language lessonsCultural lessonsCultural sensitivity lessons

  • Weekly Consultations 7 matches from your detailed consultation sessions

  • 2 revisions with 3 new matches

  • coaching

  • relocation services

  • job placement

  • transport assistance

  • banking assistance if needed

  • utilities and services setup

  • 24/7 cultural inquiry hotline

  • constant coaching

  • airfare and lodging

  • date setup

  • repatriation assistance

    *Please contact us for actual fees scheduling

astronaut floating
astronaut floating