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Once again trying to explain being with a woman from another country without generalizing

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2/23/20232 min read

A Lot To Take In

Interracial relationships bring about various challenges and opportunities for adventure, especially when the couple is from different cultures. For an American man dating a Filipina, he gets to experience a new worldview and learn about unique culture, food, religion, and values. In this blog post, we will explore what it means to be with a Filipina and why they make excellent life partners.

Filipinas are known to be some of the sweetest and most caring spouses a man could hope to have. They value loving relationships and partners, and are willing to fight for what they have, striving through the hardships of life towards a better future with the man they love. They are also attracted to American men because of their maturity and accepting of their traditional gender role as a provider and responsible leader of the household. Respecting this feminine-masculine balance is key to a successful relationship with a Filipina.

One of the most significant cultural differences and benefits of dating a Filipina is their strong familial ties. In the Philippines, families are close-knit and multi-generational, and this extends to significant others. As an American man, you may be used to loose familial relationships, but with a Filipina, you will experience warmth and acceptance from her family.Filipinas are also known for their love for singing, dancing, and eating.

They enjoy cooking traditional Filipino dishes while singing, and you will have to learn to love rice as much as they do because it will always be present at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! They are also religious and respectful of their partner's religious preferences.Another great trait of Filipinas is their values. They value conservative, traditional, and family-oriented values that are hard to find in other cultures. While there are Filipinas who only seek a foreign husband as a ticket to America or other Western countries, they are not the majority.

A typical Filipina wants someone with good values, morals, and ethics for a long-term relationship.Traditional Filipinas prioritize family and view it as the most important thing, unlike in America and the West where family values are declining. While America is becoming more accepting of unwed mothers, in the Philippines, it is still a major social transgression.

An unwed mother has no choice but to seek a foreign husband since she cannot find a local husband. Filipinas value marriage and family as the foundation of a successful relationship and will go to great lengths to make it work.

In conclusion, dating a Filipina comes with its unique set of challenges and opportunities for adventure. Acceptance and respect are essential in building a successful relationship with a Filipina. Filipinas value traditional, conservative, and family-oriented values that are hard to find in other cultures. Finding love is an adventure, and with a Filipina, you will have one of the best lovers out there.